This recipe collection is updated and edited by me. I am a collector hence I have collected many recipes over the years. I have no intention of infringing any copyrights. As such, I do credit all the recipes I have shared. If in doubt, please contact me at sholee68@gmail.com

Most photos were Googled and used to interpret how a recipe should look like. I have not intention of infringing any copyrights for this too. 

Also if it was home-cooked by me, it will be stated clearly under label 'Home-cooked' with photos originally taken by me.

If I do try out the other recipes, it will be labelled as 'Tried & tasted' with or without photos taken by me.

In the event that I do get paid for, it will influence the contents. However, the intent will be made clearly, the original purpose of this blog will remained intact.

Thank you.